About Us

The City Library is a division under the City Mayor established to promote the intellectual well-being of the people; elevate the literacy level of Davaoeños to the end that illiteracy is eradicated and recognize the vital role of knowledge and information of the locale in line with RA 7743.

Davao City Library and Information Center envisions itself to be an excellent public library promoting literacy and fostering lifelong learning towards producing a more inspired, empowered and connected diverse community.

In consonance with its vision, Davao City Library and Information Center is committed to support the literacy program of the City Government and the National Library of the Philippines through innovative programs and services.

“To make library services responsive to the needs of the 21st century clients and provide innovative library programs that will serve the Davao City community.”

The Davao City Library was established in the year 1938.  It was housed in a private building at the Magallanes Street under an Officer in Charge.  In October 31, 1957 when the USIS Library was closed, all the book collection, pieces of furniture and some library equipment were donated to the City Library.

In July 13, 1965,   the City Council thru the Resolution No. 676 established the City Library as a separate office of the City Government of Davao under the   supervision and management of a City Librarian with a considerable increase in budget and personnel proportionate to the growth of the city and the organization.

Early 1997, thru the recommendation of Councilor Antonio S. Castillo and with the approval of Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, the City Library was transferred to a more client-friendly set-up and more functional facilities conducive for study and learning at the 3rd floor of the Sangguniang Panlungsod Building.

The City Librarian does the over-all supervision of the operation of the Main Library and its Extensions; Formulates policies and programs in line with the Literacy Program of the City government; Establishes linkages with Non-government and Government Organization for programs and projects related to library activities.



  1. Receives/releases and records incoming / outgoing Communications
  2. Encodes communications in the system, sorts and files documents.
  3. Prepares and controls office budget
  4. Generates/updates regular, back pay, special payrolls and vouchers.
  5. Prepares PR’s, PO’s vouchers, reimbursements, replenishments and liquidation of cash advances.
  6. Receives, records, controls office supplies and materials issued.
  7. Prepares supplemental and amendatory supplies Procurement plan.
  8. Monitors the daily attendance of the staff
  9. Files and updates leave cards of employees
  10. Computes and submits MRA (Monthly Report of Attendance)
  11. Prepares and submits reports required by Government Officials/offices
  12. Photocopies books and other reference materials
  13. Maintains service vehicles on minor repairs and ensures good running condition
  14. Maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of the whole library



  1. Receives and controls books
  2. Accessions newly acquired books
  3. Catalogs and classifies books
  4. Encodes catalog cards in the KOHA system and maintains the Library automation (On-line Public Access Catalog)
  5. Files card catalog and periodical index
  6. Does mechanical preparation of the library collection
  7. Discards obsolete library materials
  8. Preserves library materials through plastic covering, repair, bindery, reprinting
  9. Does inventory of library materials
  10. Trains students from different Universities and Designated Librarians for on-the-job training in all phases of library work, giving lectures on trainings and seminars.
  11. Pull-out index cards of condemned books
  12. Assists in the retrieval of loaned-out and borrowed books.



  1. Directs researchers to appropriate book & other sources of information in the Circulation, General Reference, Filipiniana, Periodical, Dabaweñana and Digital Collection of the Library
  2. Loans out library materials to clients
  3. Conducts library orientation to clients applying for borrowers card
  4. Processes library/ borrowers card
  5. Handles library tours and library awareness through lectures upon request
  6. Entertains queries on the phone
  7. Does tutoring and storytelling to elementary pupils
  8. Updates clippings and indexes significant articles including history materials
  9. Organizes information in the Vertical File to make it readily available to users
  10. Maintains thematic arrangement of books
  11. Gives assistance on the use of the Net, OPAC, E-Library
  12. Posts monthly exhibits and bulletin board displays
  13. Compiles bibliographies of the American Shelf
  14. Posts New Titles added to the collection in the Library Website and strategic places of the librar



  1. Manages the district libraries and Reading Centers
  2. Assists clients in their research needs
  3. Conducts storytelling to children
  4. Adopt other services that are more responsive to the need of their clientele
  5. Actively participate in community activities that promote library services
  6. Compiles local history materials of their respective barangays
  7. Loans out and retrieves books to identified barangays through the Bookmobile Library
  8. Records daily statistics of Mobile Library Users
  9. Does custodial activities